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Mon, Feb 06 2023 1:11 PM
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An Evaluation of Sub-Skills (Vocabulary, Grammar and Pronunciation) in the Grade 9 English Textbook of Afghan Secondary Schools


Rahmatullah Katawazai , Mustafa Haidari, Sandaran SC



AbstractEnglish language is a part of the school's curriculum in all levels in Afghanistan as a foreign language.. . .

Mon, Feb 06 2023 1:08 PM
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An Evaluation of Cultural Elements within Malaysian Year 1 English Textbooks: KSSR SK English Year 1 and CEFR Super Minds 1


aRahmatullah Katawazai*, aMustafa Haidari, bNur Rabi’ah Binti Yahya, bLeonara Chin,

bIzzaida Fadhya Binti Che Ibrahim, bNur Muiezah Binti Muhydin & bShanti C.. . .

Mon, Feb 06 2023 1:03 PM
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The Use of Social Media and Wikis in Teaching Writing Skills


A Review Article


Mustafa Haidari, Rahmatullah Katawazai (*) Kandahar University, Kandahar, Afghanistan

. . .

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Mon, Aug 26 2019 4:06 PM
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Kandahar University Scholarship Beds

The Kandahar University submits the academic cadre beds in the following areas for 6 years and requires academic cadre at the doctoral / master's or undergraduate level for these beds:

. . .