Quality Enhancement Center

Quality Enhancement Center

To strengthen and reinforce the higher education system of Afghanistan, effective and productive experiments of international universities has been adopted as a basis for raising the quality of higher education across the country. In 2011, the Partnership in Academic Learning (PAL1) process was commenced with the aid of British Council and certain criteria, consisting 11 core and 49 sub criteria to enhance the qualities of universities. Kandahar University was also included into process and during this period the university has remarkable achievements.

                    •                  In 2015, KDRU achieved the first position process among 161 universities in the first and second rounds of                                             quality enhancement process.

                    •                  In 2016, KDRU acquired the Center of Excellence in Quality Assurance (CEQA) status.

                    •                  In 2018, KDRU got a membership of Asian Pacific Quality Network (APQN).

                    •                  In 2018, KDRU achieve 5-year academic accreditation in the third round of quality enhancement process.