Allama Habibi Library

Allama Habibi Library was established in 1992 and now it is considered one of the largest libraries across the country. The current building of library was constructed with the financial support of USAID and all the books were transferred into the new building in 2014. The library has approximately 90,000 books in various fields and in different languages. In addition, there are two particular centers for researchers, the Reference Room and Afghan Studies Center. The reference room includes encyclopedias, dictionaries, reports, annuals, conference and workshop articles, journals, magazines, laws, official gazettes, newspapers, collections, monographs, theses, article collections, indexes, atlases, and other audio and video materials. The center for Afghan Studies includes Afghanistan related books, magazines, newspapers, atlases, photos and other historical materials. Allama Habibi Library is organized on the basis of the contemporary catalogue system of Congress library.