Central Laboratory

Introduction of Central Laboratory                                                                                                             

Before constructing of Central Laboratory in Kandahar University the labs were too small and the equipment were less enough for students and practical experiences performed in small labs of respective faculties. These small labs were in education and engineering faculties.

The capacity of these small labs was not much for more students at all labs and the need for a comprehensive laboratory was much sensible.

Finally, the work of Central Laboratory started in Kandahar University according to the Master Plan of university in 1390 solar year (2011BC), with financial support of Canada country and Company of Agri-team Canada Consulting Ltd and launched its work in 1391 solar year (2012 BC) and become ready for the benefits and laboratory affairs.

The Laboratory was built in precision two floors and this Laboratory is generally composed of the following building facilities.

First floor

    • Civil Lab
    • Hydraulics Lab
    • Energy Lab
    • Wide area for ​​registration

Second floor

    • Laboratory Manager Office
    • Chemistry Lab
    • Biology Lab
    • Physic Lab
    • Conference Room
    • Store Room

The above mentioned all departments have been fully prepared for the work and several different faculties small labs professional parts transferred to Central Laboratory.


Central Laboratory of Kandahar University will be a laboratory base on Afghanistan and region to train practical professional cadres to community in the future in accordance with international standards of services.


Central Laboratory of Kandahar University is a catalyst for practical innovation, economic development and social prosperity.
Central Laboratory strives to enhance the welfare of society with a special focus on
academic and productive Experiments.



  • To develop the practical works of the university.
  • To improve the ability of undergraduate students and familiarize them with practical works.
  • Central Laboratory strictly considers the curriculum of the faculties.
  • Central Laboratory enhances each work of the faculty and wants to enlarge field work of them.
  • We want to standardize the practical works of the students.
  • To avoiding the obstacles regarding practical works of students.
  • Introducing recent and modern related machineries to students.
  • Providing laboratory facilities for academic cadres in their specialized field.
  • Central laboratory is attempting to standardize all laboratory activities.
  • To accomplish related works of Kandahar people according to the academic policy of Central laboratory.
  • To provide laboratory guideline base on the necessity of students in order that to improve their practical requirements.
  • To create an educational environment for students to achieve real knowledge of practical activities and make themselves sure, confident, committed and acceptable graduate.


From the establishment of Central laboratory, younger generation of the country continue to work in extremely difficult security, political and economic conditions and till now we trained students in different labs of faculties (Education and engineering faculties).