Tuberculosis (TB) care challenges in post-conflict  The case of Afghanistan

Mon, Feb 06 2023 12:04 PM


Muhammad Haroon Stanikzai       

 Mohammad Hashim-Wafa


Tuberculosis (TB) is a huge global health concern, especially for low and middle-income countries. In Afghanistan, TB is highly prevalent that is attributed in part to, notable poverty, resource constraints, and a mismanaged health care system that engulf the country. This article describes unique challenges for TB care in Afghanistan. It concludes this endemic problem may now multiply due to COVID-19 and political challenges and transform into a disaster that may result in higher morbidity and mortality among TB patients. We recommend addressing the need for appropriate and timely TB-care amid the post-conflict setting. Additionally, the health workforce needs to play a vital role in policy advocacy and health service delivery that promotes TB care in this post-conflict and resource-limited setting.

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