Over the last years, Information technology (IT) has become the as a central pillar of productivity at Afghan Universities supporting coordinate development of IT structures at the Afghan universities, the center of for international and intercultural communication (ZIIK) of the TU Berlin for IT center of the Afghan universities of Kabul,Herat,Nangarhar and Balkh in 2003.These IT centers forum the Back bone of IT supplies in the universities campuses and provide the number of IT services for the universities.We are very pleased that Kandahar university is now the fifth Afghan university to be equipped with such a modern IT center.The IT center of Kandahar University is central institution for data processing and communication technology the provision of variation and permanent advancement of the campus network and the operation of central server for various network server (File, email, web and the numbers of server) our part of core tasks.Further more the ITCQ give advance and teaches and trains university members and order to use these services.It is also responsible for the acquisition of hard and software as well as the installation, configuration, and maintenance of the system.As central IT authority of Kandahar university the ITCQ is to coordinate national and international IT projects and to plan and realize necessary IT measures and consolation with the university management.With this new institution, competences and responsibilities for the whole area of the IT at university have to be redefined and adopted to the new requirements.With the help of the ITCQ Kandahar university is took professionalize planning and advice in the area of IT as well as significant improve the IT security situation. It will also facilitate noticeable synergy effects.The ITCQ is to keep the campus network of Kandahar university up to date as any extensive central and state of the art infrastructures.In the future each employ and each student of the connected student institution as to have convenient and restricted access to all network services they may need for their research, teaching and studying.This includes access from their work places as well as from their homes or own the road, if needed.Thus, the network is to provide access so services within the university, to national and international academic networks and to global internet.Another important task of the ITCQ is training and education of university members and the IT and specially in woman empowerment is Technology. thus, it will be an IT competent center for the university and latter on be expended as a regional training center for neighbor provinces.ITCQ is to be involved in the development of concepts for a long term and sustainable financial funding of IT at Kandahar university, for strong IT security and dealing with a cultural implication of the employment of IT and Afghan universities.Such concepts are needed to guarantee the sustainability and security of the particular IT projects and letter on IT supply for the whole campus and the facilities.Eventually this will lead to a centralized, stable and secure IT supply with a university and throw out the country.Not but the least woman empowerment in IT filed is strategic goal of ITCQ, it is a part of providing IT workshop and IT trainings and participated female students. The Trainings were organized by Mr Mamoon Rashid Razmal and Ahamd Spin Taman Afghanzai ,the courses were attended by Mr Ahmadullah Marwand and Ahmed SpinTaman Afghanzai (It is worth mentioning that these people were invited by the TU Berlin and trained for the job in 2014). Both of them showed their efforts for such a program and responsible for all IT infrastructures and trainings. Kandahar university leadership has also appreciated their efforts and added that. Such IT training will help women in Kandahar more independent and play its part in Kandahar conservative society.