History Of Kandahar University


Kandahar University has been established in 1990 with the faculties of Agriculture, Medicine, Engineering, Education, Sharia, Economics, Journalism and Public relations, Law and Political Science, Public Administration and Policy, Languages and Literature, Computer Science and Stomatology, being established one after another.The university has been engaged in training and graduating young generation in different study fields such as medical science, engineering, agriculture, education, Islamic studies, and journalism despite the harsh and challenging security, political and economic conditions of the country.

Kandahar University is the central university in southwestern zone of the country functioning as the main unit for observing all governmental and private higher education institutions in the region. Kandahar University has established its first filial department of Agriculture faculty in Helmand in 2006 while the Helmand University has four faculties. and its second filial Education faculty in Uruzgan province in 2012 while the number of the faculties in Uruzgan province are two recently. In addition, Kandahar University has established its third filial in Zabul province in 2017 while it has one faculty.

In 2004, Kandahar University lacked specific buildings and establishments for teaching, administrative and hostel and with the governor’s office support the university had to use different governmental buildings of Kandahar as teaching classes. The university was shifted to the current campus, which is located in northern part (9th district) of Kandahar city in 2004.  The university currently holds possession of a total 350 hectares land that includes Agricultural Farm, Medical Faculty Campus and Aino Maina Campus.

Kandahar University has Agricultural Research Farm, Teaching Hospital, Central Laboratory, Library, Meteorological Center, Career Center, Information Technology Center, Media Center, Peace and Anti-Violation Center (Pacha Khan Research Center), India – Afghan Foundation Academic Research Center and English Learning and Computer Learning Center of (ELCLC) its own.Pacha Khan Academic and Research Center, which was established in 2008, is the one and only unique center in all over the country that functions in working for peace and against violation.  Moreover, the Career Center was established for the first time in all over the country in 2011 with the innovation of Kandahar University and financial support of USA. This unique center helps graduates and non-graduates students of university in finding job opportunities and in improving work capacity and professional skills. This center has many achievements regarding their work scope in a short period.Kandahar University is one of the national universities of Afghanistan. Since establishment to 2017 this university has been graduated (5630) students, which include (5417) male and (213) female students, meanwhile it has around 10000 students from 34 provinces of Afghanistan. In addition, it has 546 academic and administrative staff from 20 provinces of the country. Kandahar University is one of the largest universities of the country that has academic and technical relations with well-known universities of the world. These universities include ( Asian Institute of Technology, Mahidol University – Thailand, Malaya University — Malaysia, Purdue University, Ball State University, Texas University, John Hopkins University — USA, Handong University—South Korea, Bochum University, Berlin University — Germany, Jawaharlal Nehru University — India, Sistan and Baluchestan University, Zabul University — Iran. Also, The Kandahar University is the first to have the membership of (Global Water Partnership) Organization from all over the country.Kandahar University has 12 faculties. The Education Faculty, Agriculture Faculty, Economics Faculty and Faculty of Sharia and low (Theology) are the faculties that also provide night- shift services to the students. The Education Faculty also give teaching services to (in-service) students. Besides, in the faculty of medicine we have Master of Public Health that was established in 2016.The university has a total of 43 graduating departments, 8 supporting (non-graduating) departments.


Kandahar University aspires to be a leading university in standard teaching, reliable researches, and fulfilling services in various academic fields of study throughout the country and will be regionally well- acknowledged.


Kandahar University educates the young generation by providing them with teaching, research, and high standard services at the utmost national levels of excellence.