Department Day shift (first capacity) Introduced Students:

As shown in the table, (24) females and 1383 Male students were introduced by the Ministry of Higher Education in the last 8 years to Economics Faculty of Kandahar, which are total 1407 in the Faculty of Economics Department of Management and Business Administration.

Current Students of M&BA Department (Day Shift)​

At the above table, Kandahar University Economics Faculty, Day shift, Management and Business Administration Department currently training a total sum of eight female and 543 male students that  are in first, second, third and fourth classes.

Economics Faculty day shift Graduated Students:  

In the year 1393, the first term was graduated from M&BA Department and other terms are as follow:

As shown in the above Table, from 1393-92 to 1396-95 the entire Economics Faculty team, Teaching team and Administrative teams have continuously worked hard in order to teach and train the students professionally . As a result they graduated (318) Bachelor students which (6) of them were Female and (202) male.

Kandahar University, Economics Faculty Night Shift Students’ Information:

In the year of 1392 Economics faculty night shift was approved and started teaching and the students who were introduced by Ministry of Higher Education since then, 

Economics Faculty Night shift (Second Capacity) Introduced Students  

As shown in Table 4, in last five years a total sum of 269 students 2 female and 267 male have been registered in the M&BA Department of Economics Faculty.

Current Students of M&BA Department (Night Shift)​

currently there are total 220 students, 2 female and 218 male in the Night Shift Management and Business Administration Department; they are in first, second, third and fourth classes.The First term (41) students of Night Shift M&BA Department were graduated in the year 1394-1395.