The History of statistics & econometrics department is closely linked with faculty of economics university of Kandahar, initially it was established in 2010 as institute of economics under supervision of ministry of higher education, further in 2010 it was known as faculty of economics university of Kandahar, consist of five departments, one of the following is known as department of statistics & econometrics. The department’s related subjects, course outline and curriculum were approved by academic committee of Ministry of Higher Education and Teaching Assistant Naqeebullah Haqbeen was appointed as head of the department.


Help student develop their skills to promote the use and knowledge of Statistics and econometric in all fields which can contribute to a better understanding of scientific and social phenomena, enhance the quality of decisions making, to provide valuable platform in governmental and private sector.


 To expand the roll of statistics and econometrics in a systematic pursuit of truth, by developing sound statistical models and methodologies to understand, communicate the findings of empirical research evaluation in an ethical manner to strengthen scientific conclusion.

Statistics and Econometrics Department’s Subjects

  1. Mathematics 1/2
  2. Statistics 1/2
  3. Economic Calculations
  4. Probability 1/2
  5. Project Management
  6. Mathematical Economics
  7. Principles of Demography
  8. Informatics
  9. E-commerce
  10. National Income Calculation
  11. Sampling Techniques
  12. Linear programing Problem
  13. Econometrics
  14. SPSS

Biographies of Lecturers of the Statistics and Econometric Department