The Faculty of Sharia Law, established in 2009, consists of twenty-two lecturers. Nine of the lecturers have master’s degrees and nine are pursuing their master’s studies at various national and international universities. The Faculty has enrolled 501 students in its three departments and from its establishment, 572 students have been graduated. The Faculty of Sharia Law has strong relations with the Appeal Court of Kandahar province and mutual contract of assistance in various academic fields.


The Faculty of Sharia Law will be a leading faculty in the country and region in training professional and committed judges, lawmakers, preachers, and propagandists in the light of Islamic education and new developments.


The Faculty of Sharia Law presents committed and professional cadre at bachelor degree considering Islamic prinicples, the Qur’an, prophetic hadiths, the laws of the country and international development.


 Fiqh and Law

 Islamic Studies

 Islamic Culture