Research Center of the Faculty of Languages and Literature


Research Center in the faculty of languages and Literature has started working in 2015 under the direct supervision of Voice Chancellery of Academic Affairs of Kandahar University and supporting Kandahar University Research Center (KDRURC).FLL Research Center has a committee coordinator for the KDRURC in conducting, organizing, supervising and reporting the researches done in the faculty and has two committeemen from two departments such as Department of Pashto and English languages and Literature who work together for researches in the faculty. They conduct a meeting regarding different issues in the faculty monthly and report KDRURC.

Committee Coordinators for KDRURC are:

Matiullah Rohyal

Nisar Ahamd Arya

Habibullah Popal

Zabihullah Adabpal

Completed researches are:

Is English language a tool or weapon? By Zabihullah Adabpal

The Vision, Mission, Aims and Core Values of FLL Research Center:

FLL research center strives to conduct as many academic researches as possible and attempts to achieve the goals and objectives regarding the Islamic and traditional values and wants to be a well-known research center not only in KDRU but also in the country too.

Vision Statement:

Research Center in the Faculty of Languages and Literature will be a durable center in the national and international languages and literature researching important works and articles.

Mission Statement:

Supporting the research program of diverse languages and literature on national and international scale, and making standard training programs intended to strengthen the program.


Providing opportunity and encouragement to the lecturers of Languages and Literature Faculty for conducting research.

Advising on selection of important topics for conducting research.

Conducting valuable research seminars and conferences.

Fundamental Principles:

Work under Islamic and humanitarian laws and regulations.

Recognition of responsibility and coordination.

Work on crucial academic and literary gaps.