About the Center:

Kandahar University Research Center was established within the structure of the office of vice chancellor for academic affairs in 2014. It has a manager and two directorates of social and natural sciences. A committee representing each faculty coordinating the research activities with the center and there are branches in each faculty.


Coordination and providing research facilties for research activities of Kandahar University.


Kandahar University Research Center aspires to be a leading research center at the country and well known at regional level which will be conducting academic researches for the development and prosperity of Afghanistan.


Kandahar University Research Center supports faculty members to produce quality researches and publish them at national and international level.

Core Values:

  • Respect to humanity, Islamic values and Afghan customs.
  • Recognizing Responsibilities.
  • Coordination and Teamwork
  • Initiative and Positive Change
  • Transparency and Preventing Corruption


  • Developing the capacity of researchers and encouraging research activities.
  • Providing research facilities for researchers.
  • Establishing good relations and communication with governmental and NGOs for development of research activities.
  • Archieving the reports and researches of various national and international organizations for utilization of researches.
  • Publishing the researches and sharing them with society.
  • Fundrising for the research projects from various donors.
  • Tasks which are assigned by the direct supervisor.

​Branches of Research Center:

Kandahar University Research Center provides services in the areas namely Medicine, Agriculture, Engineering, Sharia-law, Publich Administration and Policy, Law and Political Science, Economics, Journalism, Education, Language and Literature and Computer Science.