KDRU’s Quality Assurance and Enhancement department aims to be a nationally and socially accrediting unit as well as dedicated to consultant in high quality assurance and enhancement, services in higher education sector.


KDRU’s Quality Enhancement and Accreditation Department provides efficient and effective quality assurance services. In order to protect the reliability of qualifications under MoHE QA board framework and enriches the quality of higher education of teaching, learning and research in and beyond Kandahar University.

Quality: The Quality Assurance and Enhancement Department (QA&ED) provides quality services, which is consistent with the MoHE quality assurance framework, in order to, contribute in development of higher education system.
Integrity: The (QA&ED) is accountable for its actions and quest for excellence.
Independence: The (QA&ED) operates independently in making decisions, performing and assessing its functions throughout the university.
Transparency: The (QA&ED) operates in a transparent, fair and impartial manner in quality assurance process throughout the university.
Innovation: The (QA&ED) actively pursues new ideas and practices in faculties that enhance quality assurance and improvement as well as pursues the capacity of academic and non-academic staff.

Terms of Reference of Quality Assurance and Enhancement Committee

  1. Maintain and uphold the quality of academic and vocational qualifications under the MoHE QA board accreditation framework in Kandahar University.
  2. Stimulating the academic environment for promotion of quality of teaching, learning and research in and beyond Kandahar University.
  3. Improving the quality of education and research in Kandahar University through institutional review, periodic assessment and consultancy services.
  4. Researching new trends and developments in quality assurance practices.
  5. Collaboration with related stakeholders of higher education sector for quality enhancement in teaching, learning and research.
  6. Providing consultancy and quality assurance services for the education and research community beyond Kandahar University.
  7. Delivering capacity-building activities for academic and non-academic staff to strengthen their quality assurance capabilities.
  8. Ensuring continuous improvement in Kandahar University quality assurance process.