Information Technology Policies

This policy provides direction for appropriate usage of Computers and network by Lecturers, adman’s and students at Kandahar University. This applies to systems connected to University Network in any method and from any location.All IT policies listed below apply to information technology as well as to other forms of communication and activity. In addition, these policies are fully recognized by the Kandahar university chancellor and IT Director. All users are responsible for being aware of and complying with regulations and Information Security Policies. Use network that violates any of these policies will be investigated and sanctions may be applied, including termination.

Internet policies

  • All user are expected to use the Internet responsibly and productively. Internet access is limited to job-related and education activities only and personal use is not permitted.
  • Sites that contain pornographic and/or objectionable material will be completely blocked as far as is practicable.
  • The Vice-Chancellor will determine the sites to be blocked upon a recommendation from the Director of Information Technology Services (ITS)
  • Sharing your Internet ID, or any other account is prohibited. You are responsible for all activity conducted with your Internet ID or any other account. Internet ID/account information must not be given to anyone else. Improper safeguarding of your password that results in unauthorized use of your internet ID/account will be blocked.
  • Unauthorized WebPages and software’s (VPN or proxy) are not allowed in university network if any user used these unauthorized webpage and software the internet ID and computer will be blocked and report will be send to university chancellor.
  • Using internet for social WebPages are prohibited in working time because it waste of time and bandwidth.

Hardware Policies

  • All computer configuration rights are belongs to IT department. User will not have access to it.
  • Users will be prohibited to change any hardware equipment like (RAM, Hard disk, power supply ETC…) without noticing IT department.
  • Without permission, technical consultancy from outside of university is prohibited.
  • All operating systems will be provided by IT Department none of the user is allow changing or removing it himself.
  • All usable software will be installed by IT department in case of installing new software or removing software IT department should be involved.
  • Unknown source software installation is prohibited.

Computer policies

  • Every user will have limited account.
  • User will have access to installed application, files, internet usage.
  • User will not have access to computer configuration or installing any application.
  • User data must be stored in my Documents.
  • All data backup should be store on D Drive so in the case of losing data from my document can be back up from drive
  • Files that are downloaded from the Internet must be scanned with virus detection software before installing or execution. All appropriate precautions should be taken to detect for a virus and, if necessary, to prevent its spread
  • All computer devices connected to the University network or networked resources shall have anti-virus software installed and configured so that the virus definition files are current, routinely and automatically updated. The anti-virus software must be actively running on these devices.
  • All computers owned by the University and used by faculty and staff must have the most recent version of anti-virus provided by the University installed.
  • All files on computer devices will be scanned periodically for viruses. 
  • An exception may be granted if an infected computer device is discovered that performs a critical function and may not be immediately taken off-line.

Network policies

  • All university faculties and Departments should send their monthly and weekly network reports to IT directorate.
  • Do not touch any network equipment (hubs, switches, routers or wireless access points) without permission from IT department otherwise IT department will not be responsible if any problem occurs.

Note: If any of the above policy overruled by any university Lecturer or staff, University will take action according to senior management policy.