Department of Pashto language and literature is correlated to the faculty of languages and Literature which is established in 2014 when the faculty of languages and Literature started working in Kandahar University. DoP still has three hundred students both in the morning and afternoon shifts. And DoP has six cadre lecturers among whom Nasir Ahmad Tayid is the Head of the Department (HoD) and Department’s two lecturers have finished their Master Programs in the country in their own professional fields.

The department teaches students Pashto language and literature, Undergraduates strengthen Pashto language, poetry, prose, criticism and national and international literatures through mandatory, professional and optional subjects with a standard curriculum.


Department of Pashto language and literature will be a unique department in training academic and professional researchers, linguists, literators, literary men throughout Afghanistan, region and world.


Providing education in the light of national and international academic criteria.


To train professional researchers and writers in the field of Pashto language to be able to enlighten available works of Pashto language through academic and professional criteria that need to be researched and to create innovative and artistic works that can result in enriching the language.

Core Values:

  • Respecting all Islamic, humanistic, sacred, and national values;
  • Undertaking all the activities according to the rules and regulation;
  • Considering academic and professional criteria.

Department of Pashto language and literature has the following cadre lectures:


Biography of the Head of Pashto language and literature Department

Nasir Ahamd Taid son of Muhammad Hanif and grandson of Muhammad Rahim was born in 1988 in Panjwayi Distric, Kandahar. He got his primary and secondary education in Shams - u -ddin Kakar High school in Panjwayi District and in 2007, he completed high school in Zahir Shahe High School in Kandahar City. He passed the matriculation examination and in 2008 enrolled in the Department of Pashto, Faculty of languages and literature in the University of Kabul. In 2012 he received his B.A in Pashto department in the same faculty. He was honored to become a lecturer in the faculty of languages and literature in Kandahar University in 2013 and in 2016 he was appointed as Head of the Pashto Department (HoD) by the lecturers of the same department.

Ph: 0707783483