About us:

Pacha Khan Academic Research Center was established in the framework of Kandahar University in June 2008 to study nonviolence and peace activities of Pacha Khan (Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan) a great nonviolence soldier in the region and as well as in the world.It is located in Kandahar the former capital and present  political, cultural and historical center of Afghanistan in the southwestern region of the country.


To eliminate troubles and tribulation, hardships and difficulties disputes and conflicts amongst human beings in human society, especially in Afghan society with an immense  forbearance, supreme thinking, full-grown contemplation and deep deliberation.


With the great knowledge and profound experience, Pacha Khan and other great renowned personalities of non-violence have always preferred the means of reconciliation and peace for human beings. The center strives to follow the footsteps of these eminents for achieving peace and reconciliation.

 Core Values:

• Respecting Islamic rules, values, national traditions and human rights.

• Detesting violence, cruelty, conflict and disputes.

• Academic and professional solutions for problems and conflicts.

• Learning to live to gather.

• Conducting Non- Violence and peace related researches. 


To study the life, personality, non-violence policy, peace and liberation advocating efforts of Pacha Khan.

To know and raise the way of non-violence.

To distribute non-violence policy books, documents, documentary films and as well as conducting academic conferences, research conventions, and workshops for explaining them.

To search a peaceful solution for the present tragedies in  regions and country.

Non-Violence Activities:

In order to promote non-violence and patience, Pacha Khan Academic Research Center has initiated the following activities:

1: Peace Club: This club comprises a group of students from different faculties who work together to promote peace, tolerance and nonviolence.

2:Sheygena Periodical, Academic and Research Journal:This Journal is aimed to publish peace related research articles of faculties and experts.

3: Zgham Periodical Bulletin: Publishes peace club  

4:activities and peace related articles of students.