The history of National Economics Department is closely linked with the Faculty of Economics Department of Kandahar University. The Department was established and started working in the year 1389. The faculty of Economics of Kandahar University has 5 departments, one among them is the, “National Economics Department”. National Economics Department has three Master Degree holder Lecturers, namely:

  1. Teaching Assistant Abdul Ahad Zahid (HOD)
  2. Teaching Assistant Rahmatullah Pashtoon
  3. Teaching Assistant Khwaja Muhammad Ahmadzai

All academic materials of National Economics Department such as: Course Policies, Curriculum, etc. are approved and provided by the academic committee of Ministry of Higher Education.


National Economics department will be at the top level in fields of teaching, research and academic services, and keeping the demands of the current economic problems, the department will educate, train and provide experienced scholars to the society.


The National Economics department is trying the very best to create an academic environment that can provide quality-based teaching and research services to the students. Moreover, it is its core responsibility to train and expertise the students in order to have proficient working capacity that bridge the gap founds in national economics of this country.