The Faculty of Law and Political Science, established in 2013, consists of eleven lecturers. Four of the lecturers have master’s degrees and others are pursuing their master’s studies at various universities in India, Turkey, and USA. The faculty has enrolled 460 students in its two departments and from its establishment, 183 students have been graduated.


In accord with religious and national values, Law and Political Science Faculty would be a national and international trustful faculty to train scientific, legal, judicial, and diplomatic cadres and the level of country, region and globe.


1 – To equip students with the knowledge of Islamic legal system, other legal systems and state laws.

2 – To train students in legal, judicial, administrative and diplomatic fields and teach them on the base of modern and technological norms.

3 – To provide practical work opportunities for the students in the campus or outside and the partnerships and MoUs with the respected organizations.

4 – To educate students with the patriotism and without any racism morals.

5 – In university, taking active part in teaching legal subjects of sub faculties and help other organizations as consultants.


 Judiciary and Attorney

 Administration and Diplomacy