The Faculty of Languages and Literature, established in 2014, consists of thirteen lecturers. Four of the lecturers have master’s degrees and others are pursuing their master’s studies at various Asian universities. The faculty has enrolled 573 students in its two departments and from its establishment, 123 students have been graduated. The faculty has strong academic relations with the directorate of Information and culture – Kandahar and Allama Rashad Academy and have mutual contracts of assistance in various academic fields.

Vision: Faculty of Languages and Literature will nationally be a learning house for different languages and literature.


1 – Train literati, authors, critics, analysts, orators, translators, innovators, and researchers in different national and international languages and literatures;

2 – Revitalize national languages and providing an opportunity for the revival of own literatures;

3 – Provide public awareness regarding culture and folklore in the country

4 – Struggle for the standardization of national languages.


 Pashto Language and Literature

 English Language and Literature