Faculty of languages and Literature (FLL), located in the southern area of Kandahar University (KDRU) is officially established in September, 2014 in the framework of Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE). FLL is positioned in a new building containing three floors with more than eight classrooms. It has a wonderful lecture hall which can have more than one hundred students at once. It also has rooms for conference, resource, quality assurance, research center. Structurally, FLL is having a dean, deputy of dean, educational manager, executive, peon and a watchman. FLL as other Faculties of the KDRU, has memberships in all the committees such as Leadership, Academic, Quality Assurance, Research, Publication, Curricula, and Environmental Protection Committees.FLL for the first time inaugurated two departments: Departments of Pashto and English languages and Literature. The former has six lecturers among whom two have been completing their Master Degrees in their professional fields inside the country. And the later has four lecturers, one of whom is pursuing his Master Degree in the country too. Strategically, FLL is planning to establish new departments not only for National languages and literature such as Dari, Balochi, and etc. but also for internationoal languages and literature such as Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Germany, French and Spanish. Academically, All FLL lecturers strive to complete their Mater Degrees and even the Ph. D programs in the country or abroad soon.FLL graduates students in the course of four years (eight semesters) based on Credit System institutionalized by Mohe with the award degree of Bachelor of Arts (B.A).


Faculty of Languages and Literature will be a renowned faculty in the area of research, creation and translation in different languages and literature around Afghanistan, region and world.


To train academic linguistics, writers and researchers in various languages of the world in view of national and international criteria to work consistently and responsibly to the country and humanity.


• Training creative writers and linguists in national, regional and international languages.

• Producing artistic and creative works in various languages around the country, region and world.

• Developing native language in arts and literature.

Core Values:

  • Respecting all Islamic, humanistic, sacred, and national values;
  • Training such professional researchers in various languages in order to enlighten the darken aspects of native languages;
  • Training such professional literators and literary men on the national, regional and international level with the aim of aestheticizing the monstrosities of the societies by means of artistic writings;
  • Undertaking all the activities according to the rules and regulation;
  • Considering academic and professional criteria.