The Master of Public Health (MPH) program considers its mission to educate capable individuals in various public health competencies, including Bios and epidemiology, environmental health sciences, maternal and child health; nutrition, management sciences, social and behavioral sciences, health policy and ethics. This program will enable public health graduates to design health policies and health strategies in order to improve health services so that quality of life for Afghan citizens is enhanced. The MPH graduates will have expertise in tackling health challenges, conducting research, doing health assessments, designing and implementing health promotion programs that will improve health systems and increase access to health services in the country.


To develop a collaborative network of public health graduates who will strengthen the public health capacity and improve public health services in Afghanistan.


To build human resources for health, conduct of research and provision of services to strengthening public health capacities in Afghanistan.

Objectives / Aims of the MPH program :

1.To make the public health education available to meet the health challenges in Afghanistan.

2.To contribute reducing mortality and morbidity in South-West region through improved public health leadership.

3.To build the capacity among students to conduct relevant public health research particularly in the Southwest region.

Core values:

Knowledge, Skills, Behavior, Commitment to diversity, equity, social justice, and empowerment.

Admission Criteria:

1.Applicants who have graduated from medicine, stomatology, nursing, public health, pharmacy and medical technology with a bachelor degree.

2.Those applying will have satisfactorily completed the MPH program admissions committee an application package that includes a copy of the bachelor diploma, personal CV, official transcript, identification card, and in case of financial sponsorship, a formal letter from the organization funding the student’s expenses.

3.Applicants will participate and pass an entrance interview examination.

4.Those applying should have completed an average score of 65% in their bachelor program.

5.Foreign graduates should be accepted only if they have completed an average score grade of B in their bachelor’s program.

6.Persons wishing to join the MPH program should present English language and Computer certifications.

7.Priorities are given to students who are younger than 40 years of age and have a background in a health-related field.

8.Priorities are given to students who work in the Southwestern region of the country.

9.The program promotes female students’ enrollment, thus there will be flexibility in the 4th, 5th and 7th terms of admission criteria.