Kandahar University Economic Faculty was established as per the needs of the south west region and it was officially included as one of the faculties of Kandahar University in 2010.

This faculty has the following departments:  

  1. National Economics Department
  2. Management and Enterprises Administration Department
  3. Entrepreneurship Department
  4. Finance and Banking Department
  5. Statistics and Econometrics Department 


KUFEwill be a leading faculty in the country and as well as in the region. It will train experts in the relevant field and provide academic research and services in order to play an important role in the economic development of the country.


To build an effective and high quality administration in the field of Economics that would provide quality education, research and services in accordance to the international educational and academic standards.


  1. Strengthening the status of the faculty with regard to reliability and quality in the region and the whole country.
  2. Professional and educational capacity improvement of lecturers and administrative staff. 
  3. Providing modern and developed technological facilities to the students.
  4. Presenting trained and responsible personalities in the field of economics with regard to the economics needs of the community.
  5. Endeavoring to research on national and international bases, for contribution of economics development in Afghanistan.