IT directorate was established in 2011 in Kandahar university administrative structure, since then IT directorate considered as one of key departments in Kandahar university, In 6 years period it has achieved tremendously, so Kandahar university can able to fulfill today’s cutthroat IT demands .IT Directorate offers its support in every IT related tasks in Kandahar university and also to neighboring universities   by providing following services,

  1. Computer repairing workshop for administrative pcs
  2. Establishing Network infrastructure in Kandahar university
  3. Deploying essential services to assist e-services in Campus such as Captive portal system, Network based computer monitoring system, and Local Cloud system.
  4. Providing Technical assistance to key departments of the university and other neighbor universities such as Helmand Higher institution, Zabul Higher Institution and ANASTU (Afghanistan national agriculture science and technology university) in implementation of IT based projects.

On-hand projects:


Recently IT directorate have been working on implementing on Computerized learning system which is called LMS. This project is one its kind project that will change the face of an old methodic educational system, LMS not only help KDRU but it also helps neighbor universities as well and the project is financially backed by MOHE (Ministry of Higher Education)

New CMS system:

Website plays fundamental role in university’s reputation that is why IT directorate is working on new website system which can have many features so the website could illustrate every angle of the university’s image to the viewers


IT directorate is responsible and managing two committees on university level.

Each committee has 21 members, these members is selected from lecturers and from major departments of KDRU. the aim of these committees is to discuss and give opinions on the processes of E-learning and CMS projects by insuring these project could address the university needs.

Local Collaborative system

Local communication system showed its importance to every organization, not only it can preserve communications private and secure and it also robust the availability of resources

IT directorate has already visualized this issue and took essential step toward enrich local telecommunication system by installing PBX server, it can provide not only voice conversation but it can also give option to that user of sending SMS and voice mails around campus and this system has the capability of integrating smart phone to the cable phones  by installing android app in the smart phone .