Foundation of Center:

The career center in Afghanistan was founded in Kandahar University for the first time. It was established by the efforts and innovations of the University leadership with an agreement of Ball State University and the financial support of the United States embassy in 2011.


Kandahar University Career Center is working under the boundaries of Islamic, Nation and social values to promote the working skills of students and graduates of the country and especially of the Kandahar University, developing a reasonable mechanism with alumni, finding the demands of employers and provision of standard services to society through Kandahar University are its top priorities.


The KUCC improves the quality of education for Kandahar University students by providing fair and accessible career services. The KUCC teaches students to develop career goals, job search methods and graduate study options. The career center maintains relationships with employers and Organization to connect students with internships and employment opportunities


  • Advising and counseling.
  • Education and assistance.
  • To Provide Internship.
  • To Create Alumni Association.
  • To Provide Market Information.
  • To Assist Student in Making Business Plans.
  • Alumni and Students employed