Entrepreneurship Department was established in 2010. But unfortunately due to the lack of the lecturers in society this department launched in 2014 with having two bachelor degree lecturers who were graduated from Kandahar University, Economics faculty. In 2015 Entrepreneurship Department hired other two lecturers. Three lecturers have gone for master’s degree sent by Kandahar University to get higher skills and education in-order to accomplish the desire goals, mission and vision.

Vision :

Every student of Entrepreneurship Department will be innovative, creative and entrepreneurial mindset that empowers them to take initiative be resourceful and resistant against challenges.

Mission :

To create and sustain an educational environment that inspires and equips entrepreneurship students to become innovative thinkers, value creators and entrepreneurial leaders.

Goals : 

The objectives of entrepreneurship department are to provide the student with the following general and business skills and competencies:

  • The ability to think critically.
  • The ability to apply analytical and technical skills in problem solving and research.
  • The ability to demonstrate leadership skills.
  • The ability to communicate effectively.
  • An understanding of global and diverse nature of business.

Biographies of Lectures of the Entrepreneurship Department