The department has been offering instruction for the award of the degree B.A honors since 2008. The department works towards its mission by letting young generation become professional teachers of English language.  One of the major responsibilities of the department is offering courses in Methodology, Linguistics, Literature, Research, Translation and the four skills of English Language. At present, more than 50 students (male and Female) have been enrolling every year in both day and night shifts. English course is not a course. Students who join are required to be able to read, comprehend and communicate in English.


DELL strives to become a leading department in contribution of socio - economic development of the country.


 DELL struggles to create better educational environment to train capable human resources for development of education sector.


  • To create better educational environment;
  • To spread knowledge and professionalism;
  • To train qualified instructors for education sector;
  • To provide English language based on the learner’s need (ESP).
  • To contribute in socio-economic development;
  • To establish university based language center