Department of English language and literature


Department of English language and literature is correlated to the faculty of languages and Literature which simultaneously started working in 2014 in the establishment of the faculty. This department has three cadre English language lecturers and has about 170 students both males and females studying different mandatory, professional and optional subjects in the morning and afternoon.This department applies the curriculum of Kabul University, English Department that is authorized by the Ministry of Higher Education. It tries to design a new one in the future.This department teaches students in English language and literature. Linguistically, DoE reinforces the four language skills, study skills, language teaching skills through various subjects. And DoE teaches various literary genres and types of Literature i.e. British, American and World Literature.


Department of English language and Literature will be an academic and professional department in training English writers, linguists, translators and speakers throughout Afghanistan and region.


The Department of English aspires to foster an intellectually engaged community of scholars, critical thinkers, and lifelong learners who work collaboratively to promote literary studies, linguistic studies, and English language as a framework for knowledge and action; and to develop students’ literary background which fosters intellectual skills, humanistic understanding, cross-cultural literacy, and aesthetic appreciation through the core curriculum of the department


  • Convey knowledge of literary history, literary forms and literary theory,
  • Provide academic writers in English language,
  • Work in different aspects of English language and linguistics,
  • Prepare undergraduates to use English language for general and specific purposes,
  • Train undergraduates to be professional translators in Native language and English language,
  • Meet the highest standards of academic quality within the context of Afghanistan’s Islamic and Traditional values.


  • Respecting all the Islamic, social, national and humanistic values.
  • Applying all the rules/regulations of Ministry of higher Education.
  • Applying all the academic and administrative rules/regulation of Kandahar University and Languages and Literature Faculty.

Department of English language and literature has the following lectures:

Biography of the Head of English language and literature Department

Rahmatullah  Katawazai son of Haji Darya Khan was born in the year 1370 in Bokhankheel village, Yousufkheel district, Paktika. He has completed his primary and secondary education in Yousufkheel high school, located in the province of Paktika. He was graduated in from that school in the year 1388 from Yousufkheel High school. After taking Kankor entry test, he passed to his selected university, Kandahar University, Faculty of Education. He started his higher education in the faculty of education, English department, in the year 1389. Within studying his lessons of university, he was busy on teaching in school and English centers during his under graduation. He was praised with some appreciation letters from those organizations as well. In the year 1390, he was praised by an appreciation letter as outstanding and active student from the Department of English, Faculty of Education. He has not been to the foreign countries yet but has been some provinces of his beloved country, Afghanistan. After graduation in the year 1393, he was appointed in the new established faculty of Languages and Literature, Kandahar University. He is a Teaching Assistant.

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