Introduction of Engineering Faculty:

University of Kandahar Faculty of Engineering is established in the month of Tillah 1379. The Anniversary is the four functional teaching branches such as Seoul Division, Engineering Department of Water and Environment, Energy Department, and Marxist and City Plateau, which has been introduced by students this year.Seoul Department's Curriculum has been coordinated by Kansas Stewart University and University of Kabul University. Similarly, the Department of Water and Natural Resources, has been jointly coordinated with the Asian Institute of Technology and Kandahar University. . Five new percentages are books, teaching materials and households in English, the University Of Kandahar University Of Engineering has yet completed 672 engineers to serve the community and 839 students are taught by 26 formal and 4 inaugural teachers.

The need and importance of building the engineering faculty:

The big Kandahar area is very broad and has developed very little implementation in the project. Meanwhile, the long-lasting fight has led to public problems in the region with many problems and difficulties. These areas require professional and skilled teachers to abolish many problems and problems and to implement various development projects. There is a need for local cadres to design and implement, like this, and like the various public-welfare projects of life to people. Above the needs and needs of the engineering faculty, at the same time, was established in KDR University in Kandahar.The 21 faculty of this faculty has been sent to foreign countries to get the master. The 16-year-old Malaysian country, a Russian teacher and a three-year-old Malaysian country, has gone to Japan. Which has been spent on 17 years after teaching these teachers, and has been employed in the teaching and management of Faculty and University.


Engineering faculty will be able to work on the national and international level and well-known engineers engineered in the reconstruction and development of the country, with best investigations and services.


Engineering faculty is trying to improve its capacity of teachers, implementing standard curriculum, providing equitable laboratory and library, linking relationships with relevant sectors and conducting research with the needs of the society and the country. Get yourself


• All respect the values ​​and values ​​of Islamic and Afghan.

• Honor the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Constitution of Afghanistan.

• Relax to humanity, hate speech, tongue, and any kind of prejudices.

• Honesty and commitment to your community and women.

• Strong assimilation for any country's population and any kind of corruption.