Due to lots of opportunities and energy related problems in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) established Energy Engineering Department in the framework of Engineering   Faculty of Kandahar University in 2012. The students from all over the country are trained by our expert lecturers in the following important areas of energy:

  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Hydropower
  • Biomass Energy
  • Power transmission
  • Efficient Use of Energy in the Buildings
  • Efficient Use of Energy and Control in the Industries

By the financial support of USWDP, the Department of Energy Engineering has an active partnership with Texas A&M University (TAMU) of USA. TAMU support Energy Engineering Department in updating curriculum, providing teaching materials and pointing out relevant lab equipment. Energy Engineering also has a very good lab for laboratory works, established by the financial support of USWDP and technical support of TAMU.Currently, Energy Engineering has five lecturers, from which, four of them have perceived their master degrees in the very well-known universities of the world and one of them is perceiving his master degree now. The department plans to hire other eligible master lecturers also in the near future.Fortunately, the presences of a lot of energy recourses in Afghanistan make it possible for our graduates to have jobs and a leading role in the implementation of almost all energy related projects in the country. The graduates of this department are capable to eliminate almost every energy related problem. 


Training skilled professionals in the field of energy who can meet the standards of the region at the country and offering them to the society for service.


Approaching our vision by the help of new energy related technologies and effective educational and research methods.


Offering skilled engineers to the society equipped with Islamic and national values in the field of energy.

 Solving energy related difficulties of the society through conducting researches and offering services.

 Investigating best utilization of the available national energy resources for economy development of the country.


Accepted national and international quality.

Respect of Islamic and Afghan sanctities.

Islamic and human morality and moral of service and patriotism.

Transparency and prevention of corruption.


Support of UN and donors for development of higher education.

Availability of national energy resources in Afghanistan.

Great resources of renewable energy.

Interest of young generation for higher education in the south-western zone.


Due to years of war and conflict in Afghanistan, all energy and other infrastructures are hugelydamaged. By looking on today’s energy needs of our society, these energy infrastructures need a fundamental work and technical human resources. On the other hand, we have lots of energy resources in the country. Based on these problems and opportunities, the Energy Engineering Department was established in the framework of Engineering Faculty of Kandahar University to graduates talented engineers equipped with Islamic and national values in the field of energy for our society.By the help of our respected expert lecturers, the department struggles to be one of the leading energy departments in the region.We hope that our graduates from all over the country will serve the people in the energy related sectors to enhance the academic and economical situation of the country.On behalf of all Energy Engineering Department respected lecturers, I the head of department most welcome the students for this field of study.


S. Teach. Asst. Agha Muhammad