The Faculty of Economics, established in 2010, consists of eighteen lecturers. Nine of the lecturers have master’s degrees and others are pursuing their master’s studies at various universities in India, Malaysia, and Switzerland. The Faculty has enrolled 718 students in its five departments and from its establishment, 543 students have been graduated. The Faculty has strong relations with Afghanistan Bank, private banks and universities, directorates of Customs, Finance, Municipality, Commerce Chamber, and Economics and mutual contract of assistance in various fields.


The Economics Faculty will be a leading faculty in the country and as well as in the region. It will train experts in the relevant fields and provide academic research and services in order to play an important role in the economic development of the country.


To build an effective and high quality administration in the fields of Economics that would provide quality education, research and services in accordance to the international educational and academic standards.


 Management and Business Administration

 National Economics


 Finance and Banking

 Statistics and Econometrics