Kandahar University Economics Faculty was established after Agriculture, Medical, Education and Sharia Faculty as per the needs of the south west region and it was officially included as one of the faculties of Kandahar University in 2010.In 2011, 117 students enrolled at the faculty for the first time through an entrance exam of the Ministry of Higher Education; two of them were female and the remaining 115 were male.With regard to valuable effort by the university leadership, it was possible to build a building for faculty of economics in 2012 which was a major concern for university of Kandahar. After the establishment of the Faculty, students have been continuously enrolled in the various departments and so far five terms of students have been gradated in order to serve their society and country.Furthermore, in 2013 night shift faculty was approved by Ministry of Higher Education, it had initially 55 students’ enrollment. Currently Economics Faculty has got two shifts students in two different departments which are National Economics and Management and Business Administration Departments while the rest of the departments are in process of capacity building.Based on current facilities, the faculty has provided the required learning facilities to students who are officially sent by Ministry of Higher Education. In addition, institute graduates (14th grade graduates) can also be enrolled to the second class of faculty after passing the Kankor Exam.Faculty of economics has 22 lecturers, out of which 10 master degree holders and 11 are pursuing master degree and 1 PhD degree abroad the country.   

Now the faculty has the following departments:  

Management and Business Administration Department

National Economics Department 

Entrepreneurship Department

Finance and Banking Department

Statistics and Econometrics Department 


Faculty of Economics shall be a competitive faculty both locally and nationally by educating young professionals in related economic spheres.


Faculty of Economics, having a standard curriculum, is training qualified and innovative students in National Economics, Statistics, Banking, Entrepreneurship and Management fields that better suits the needs of market and society.


Identifying the role of supply and demand in a market economy.

Amplifying the Academic & administrative staff and students’ professional skills

Identifying the necessary conditions for market economies to function well.

Understanding of the economic role of government policy and the Central Bank

Defining and analyzing economic problems using algebraic and statistical methods.

Core Values: 

  • Creation and Acquisition of Knowledge
  • Application of Knowledge
  • Professionalism
  • Congenial and supportive Academic Environment
  • Preservation and Dissemination of Knowledge
  • Search for truth
  • Intellectual Integrity
  • Free Exchange of Ideas
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Independent Thought
  • Research Center