:Introduction to Central Laboratory

Kandahar University before turning to the central laboratory for students practical experiences in raising the academic levels reached are performed in small laboratories in the respective faculties. These small labs were in education, agriculture and engineering faculties.

The capacity of these small labs was not much for more students at all labs and the need for a comprehensive laboratory was much sensible.

Finally, the work of Central Laboratory started in Kandahar University according to the Master Plan of university in 1390 solar year, with financial support of Canada country and Company of Agri-team Canada Consulting Ltd and launched in 1391 solar year and become ready for the benefits and laboratory affairs.


Central Laboratory of Kandahar University will be a laboratory base on Afghanistan and region to train practical professional cadres to community in the future in accordance with international standards of services.


Central Laboratory of  Kandahar University is a catalyst for practical innovation, economic development and social prosperity.
Central Laboratory strives to enhance the welfare of society with a special focus on academic and productive Experiments.

The Laboratory was built in precision two floors and this Laboratory is generally composed of the following building facilities.

First floor:

  • Laboratory Manager Office
  • Civil Engineering Department
  • Animal Science Department
  • Soil Department
  • Hydraulics Department
  • Wide area of ​​registration

Second floor:

  • Chemistry Department
  • Biology Department
  • Physics Department
  • Plant Pathology Department
  • Energy Department
  • Conference Room
  • Store Room

The above mentioned all departments have been fully prepared for the work and several different faculties small labs professional parts transferred to Central Laboratories.

Until the establishment of Central laboratory, younger generation of the country continue to work in extremely difficult security, political and economic conditions and till now we trained students in different faculties (Agriculture, Education and engineering) students are trained in various fields.

When entering to the Central Laboratory before performing experiment follow the guidance and keep safe yourself from the risk in Central Laboratory.

  1. At the time of executing experiment all the rules of laboratory should be followed.
  2. Purpose of the experiment must be determined from experiments before the execution.
  3. Experiment risks should be read in writing prior to execution before performing to not face any problem at the time of performing experiment.
  4. Executor of the experiment should be professional and must have someone familiar with the tools and experience to entirely rule on experimental procedures.
  5. Before implementing the experiment the names of experimental equipment of all material and method should be shown to the students.
  6. The materials which will use in experiment should be determined the quantity (amount) that not to be less than their size or more.
  7. Experimental equipment should be used each one in its place.
  8. During the execution of experiments the equipment should be used in the experiment associated.
  9. Experiment should be done in that area of ​​the lab to put all students visible with experience at the time of executing experiment.
  10. The guidance from your teacher which is delivering to you; listen carefully and act upon that, to not face any problems.
  11. Until the end of the experimental work eye safety goggles should be used.
  12. Avoid eating, drinking and smoking in the laboratory.
  13. Contact about each laboratory equipment with relevant department of technician about.
  14. At the time of heating to each chemical material the test tube mouth should not be toward yourself or your classmates.
  15. Any sign that are written on chemical bottles, read accurately to not make any mistake and not face any problems.
  16. Glass bottles and containers should be carefully transferred from one place to another place.
  17. First Aid (Primary Aids) packaging; fire extinguisher and eye cleaning water places always remember and must also be shown to students.
  18. After the execution of experiments related equipment and chemicals must be placed into a regular basis in their places.
  19. After experiment implemented experimental environment should be clean.
  20. A lab coat while performing the experiments should be worn.
  21. Before entering to central laboratory, laboratory shoes should be worn.
  22. Students should only be available in relevant lab where performing experiment in other rooms and laboratory halls are strictly forbidden.
  23. At the time of executing experiment all private mobile should be silence.
  24. That the laboratory is a sensitive place for practical activities should not be work separately and avoid naughtiness, at the end experiment result should be written.