Department of biology has been established in 2005 after Mathematics and Chemistry respectively at the faculty of education. Since that it continuously graduates under graduate students to the society. Currently this department has 450 male and female students at pre-service, in-service and evening shift and they are taught by 8 lecturers. Biological related courses are taught both theoretically and practically. Practical work is mainly conducted in the teaching lab, and also there are facilities for students to study at field study center, particularly in plants and zoology courses.

The Department has been holding various workshops, conferences and other teaching courses to provide a platform for scientific exchanges. Department organizes workshops for school and teaching training institute teachers to make them adept with current trends in biological science. Apart from teaching and research, the Faculty members are making substantial contribution to the University system.The department has made remarkable strides during the past 11 years and is committed to continue working hard for excellence in Science and afghan society.