The History of banking and finance department is closely linked with faculty of economics university of Kandahar, initially it was established in 2010 as institute of economics under supervision of ministry of higher education, further in 2010 it was known as faculty of economics university of Kandahar, consist of five departments, one of the following is known as department of banking and finance. The department Related subjects, course outline and curriculum were approved by academic committee ministry of higher education and Mr safiullah samoon was appointed  as head of the department

Department of banking and finance has three Lecturers, namely:

  1. Teaching Assistant Safiullah samoon (HOD)
  2. Teaching Assistant Ghulam rabani shahamath
  3. Teaching Assistant Naseer ahmad nasrath

Vision :

The department aim to establish a firm knowledge in business banking & finance educate students with a good command on financial modeling, and framework necessary in financial world.

Mission :

Providing student with an environment that focuses on all dimensions of learning, understanding and skills to create, disseminate knowledge on important financial issues through innovative learning experience  that will enable students to succeed in variety of jobs in banking and as well as in other financial institutions.