Brief introduction of Allama Habibi library

Allama Habibi library established in the (1992) in Kandahar University academic campus.

This library had have been different suggestion from established day until now.The Allama Habibi library managed under the directorate of follow mangers:

  • Muhammad Dawood
  • Abdullah
  • Mr.Zamaryalia (Tania)
  • Mr.Qudratullah (Nazari) 
  • Mr. Shahzad gul
  •  Mr. Sayed Ahmad (Qani)
  • Mr. M nasim (Rasoli)
  • Mr. Noor Ahmad (saadat)  Aid protection
  • And for to time Mr. Noor Ahmad( Quran mal)

In addition,the Allama Habibi library has four part in the official structure like:

  • Main manage office or (Directorate office).
  • Cupboard managing office
  • Distribution office
  • Reference office


Allama Habibi library aspirers to be lead and unique the edition and digital learning and studying environment in Afg special in Kandahar province and well know the original level.


The of mission of kdr( Allama Habibi library) is to provide and promote access to information in all formats in support of academic programs and scholarly research at the university at the addition to meeting the information needs of the local community and create a better learning internment to take the partnership much more benefits From normal and digital Books by(KOHA) digital and congress systems. 


  • Achieving and tooling the different sources for student's teachers and all of the personal whose are working in Kdr University.  
  • To take more information the students and teachers.
  • To kdr university become in the international academics level.
  • To do services in the academic aria for afghan people.