Pacha  Khan Academic Research Center (PKARC)

Major Implemented Tasks:

Lessons from the historical events of past 40 years (1973-2013)

In November of 2013; Pacha Khan Academic Research Center (PKARC) hosted an international academic 3-day (5-7th) symposium titled “Lessons from the historical events of past 40 years”. Cumulatively, 583 participants including experts from America, Canada, Europe, India, Pakistan and various parts of the country were invited to the symposium. The whole conference was live streamed via internet channels with a total viewership of 1474 people. The symposium comprised 25 discussion sessions, 32 research articles and academic messages. At the end; the proceedings of the symposium including 35 articles and pictures of the symposium were printed and shared among the academia and relevant organizations. 

Cultural/Ethnic Rights Seminar

In association with South-East office of Human Rights Independent Commission; Pacha Khan Academic Research Center (PKARC) held one day seminar on 28th-January-2011 under the title of “Cultural Rights”. Representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations, members of the civil societies and social activists comprised the main participants of the seminar. A total of 10 articles and speeches were delivered aiming to discuss means of eliminating the violence initiated by cultures.

Evaluation of the Causes of Violence and Extremism and their Dissolutions

Pacha Khan Academic Research Center conducted a research in Loy Kandahar (Kandahar, Helmand, Urozgan and Zabul Provinces) to evaluate the causes of violence and extremism and propose possible solutions through a developed questionnaire. The questionnaires were distributed in mentioned provinces and a sum of 814 responses and 96 interviews were recorded. The results were shared with all involved parties.

International Seminar on Approaches and Methods for Growth of Native Language

The seminar titled “Approaches and Methods for Growth of Native Language” was held by Pacha Khan Academic Research Center. Participants were invited from abroad and various parts of the country to present their views and articles about the topic. A sum of 410 participants was present at the seminar and 863 others viewed the process through the internet. Extensive discussions and group works were carried to evaluate the means of developing and growing the native language.

Workshops (Elucidation Meetings) on Non-violence

Pacha Khan Academic Research Center has hosted 158 small workshops to high school students about non-violence and individual and family ethics and morals. Cumulatively, 4687 students have participated in these workshops including 917 female participants.

Holy Quran Memorization Contest

Pacha Khan Academic Research Center held Holy Quran Memorization Contest. The competition had 82 contestants from schools, madrasas (religious schools) and universities. The program included speeches and articles from various religious scholars, university lecturers and public figures. The participants appreciated the initiative and emphasized on significance of such programs in eliminating the gap between universities and religious schools.

Painting Contest

“The ups and downs of life” was the title of a painting contest organized by Pacha Khan Research Center to 520 students from 15 high schools of Kandahar city. The competition was aimed to sketch and convey the message of peace and prosperity to the society. The competitions were held at schools individually over a period of 37 days in 2014. By the completion of the first round, 22 students were adjudged as round winners and promoted to the second round. On 26-Novermber-2014, these students presented their final paintings to the public and the jury where the first, second and third position holders were declared by the juries and Pacha Khan Centered prepared some trophies to the winners and the whole group of 22 students.

Peace poetical Contest

Since 2015, Pacha Khan Research Center holds Peace Poetical Contest every spring of the year. The contestants include university students, lecturers, workers and other famous poets of Kandahar city. They present their poems about peace and prosperity in the society and the jury selects the best poem. At the conclusion of the programs the winners are prized by the center.

Calligraphy Contest

For elimination of violence and extremism from the society and strengthening patience, logic and non-violence; Pacha Khan Research Center held calligraphy contest under the title of “Promotion of human virtue through art” among students of Kandahar University and other 15 high school students of Kandahar city. The contest was organized in three rounds from 21-November-2016 until 19-December-2016. The contestants included 282 male and 130 female students. At the end of the contest the jury panel decided the winners and they were awarded with some prizes. It is noteworthy to state that writings and articles of ancient scholars about affluent life, prosperous Afghanistan and peace were also presented to increase the public awareness.

Peace Club (100 Members)

One of the most essential achievements of Pacha Khan Research Center is origination of Peace Club comprising 100 members. These members were selected from a group of 300 student participants of various workshops about peace, dissolution of disputes and Islamic morals. The club members were chosen with utmost accuracy and precision. The club members have shown great character in their activities for promoting tolerance among the students.

Acting Debate

Pacha Khan Research Center has held two acting debates among university students to promote tolerance and mutual respect.


Sheegana (Goodness) Periodical, Academic and Research Journal publish peace related articles. The quarterly bulletin titled “Zgham” is also aimed to publish center and peace club activities.

Article Writing Contest

An article writing contest titled “What are the possible solutions to the current disputes and quarrels of Afghanistan” was held between 50 university students. The contest was aimed to attract the attention of public, particularly students towards the current disputes of the country. At the end of the contest the jury panel decided the winners and they were awarded with some prizes.

Peace Subject Committee Meeting

In order to develop the curriculum of Peace subject, multiple meetings were arranged between committee members. In addition, the subject is being thought in three faculties and the evaluation of the subject is going on. With financial support of (USIP) this subject was added to these three faculties to promote peace, tolerance, and solution of disputes among students.

Research Methodology Workshops

Pacha Khan Research Center has organized two Research Methodology Workshops for university students to improve their research capabilities and encourage them to conduct peace relevant researches.

National Peace Conference

Pacha Khan Research Center organized an academic research conference under the title of “National Peace conference”. The conference was held at the Auditorium of Kandahar University on 10th-April-2019. The list of participants included Associate Prof. Mohamad Aslam Haziq, director of Pacha Khan Research Center, staff of the center, Kandahar University faculty members and students, representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations and members of the civil societies. The conference started with recitation of few versus of Holy Quran followed by welcome and introductory speech of Mr. Haziq. Later, Mr. Hafiz Niamatullah Amirzadah delivered his presentation on the subject of past activities of the center as well as one year report of Peace Club. With reference to the agenda, Mr. Raz Mohammad, a civil activist delivered a speech on behalf of the civil societies emphasizing on significance of peace and the willingness of people for sacrificing everything for achieving peace. At the last session of the conference, the active members of peace club were awarded with medals for their contribution to the club during last year.