Introduction to Medical Teaching Hospital

Kandahar University Faculty of medicine and its Teaching Hospitals are built in 17 hectare area on east side of city next to Aino Mena town.Prior to becoming Kandahar Medical Faculty Teaching Hospital, it was a large military hospital providing both outpatient and inpatient treatment service on a large scale to government officials in the region. The 150 beds military hospital was ranked the largest of its kind in the southern region. After year 2001 due to budget cut and less attention from the government the hospital services were reduced. By the year 2008 in accordance with a decree issued by the president, the hospital was officially handed over from Ministry of Defense to Ministry of Higher Education.In addition to providing training opportunities to medical students, today the hospital also offers good medical service on outpatient and inpatient basis. Outpatient Departments include Medicine, Surgery, Eye, ENT, Dermatology, Neuro-psychiatry, Gynecology, Obstetrics and Dentistry departments. In addition to that, an emergency room is built that provides primary care to critical patients. Diagnostic radiology and laboratory departments performing routine examinations are also part of daily outpatient service. Vaccination department for routine vaccines is providing services on daily basis. Adequate amount of medicine for outpatients is available in the pharmacy. Regarding inpatient service, the hospital has capacity to provide very few beds for inpatients service due to lack of adequate medical facilities.Recently, The Ministry of Higher Education and Kandahar University have given special commitment to construction and improvement of Teaching Hospital. According to strategic plan, by the year 2020, the hospital is expected to be 100-bed public hospital providing healthcare service.Qualities that make this hospital superior in reputation are its perfect location and being the only public hospital in eastern part of city. Therefore a large catchment area is dependent on its medical services. Since the hospital was previously serving as a military hospital therefore, some people in the region still recognize this with its old name and refer to it when a casualty occurs as a result of explosion or etc.


Kandahar University Medical Faculty Teaching Hospital Committed to excellence in healthcare, training and clinical researches.


As a recognized teaching hospital, we strive:

  • To provide appropriate healthcare services to disadvantaged Afghan society.
  • To educate medical professionals in diverse medical disciplines.
  • To undertake research and teaching activities as an essential part of clinical care.

Key Objectives :

We will achieve our vision by meeting the following key objectives:

  • To provide high quality, timely and efficient services

We will strive to ensure that all patients receive effective and efficient assessment, diagnosis, admission, treatment, discharge and preventative care to achieve the best possible outcomes for individuals. 

  • To fulfil the education and training role of a leading teaching hospital

We will continue to provide high quality training programs for undergraduate level and will further develop education and training opportunities for both our clinical and management staff.

  • To be recognized as a ‘centre of excellence’ for research

We will establish an environment that encourages research endeavours parallel to providing optimal treatment for patients. We will strive to enhance our excellent reputation as a leading centre for research, ensuring that it is integrated with clinical practice.

  • To promote a coordinated approach in the provision of healthcare services

We will work in collaboration with other healthcare providers within the Southern region to ensure a comprehensive and integrated service is available that meets the healthcare needs of people in the area.