Research center:

This center tries to facilitate research opportunities for lecturers and students and strives to find Funds from national and international. This center is providing a cross bridge between lecturers and national and international donors.

Faculty Professional Developing center (FPDC):

Professional developing center has been established in 2007 by monetary supporting of World Bank. Since that this center has been conducting pedagogical workshops and seminars for capacity building of our lecturers. Initially the main purpose of this center was to increase the teaching and learning skills of lecturers in term of computer, English and pedagogical subjects. As the innovation of technologies and rapidly extension of knowledge adversely affects the sort and types of teaching and learning, therefore this center strives to update the knowledge and introduce new teaching methods for the lecturers.Currently this center is known as FPDC because of necessity and importance covers whole university lecturers. In addition, this center also tries to contribute with the ministry of education and train their teachers professionally in the term of pedagogical and methodological.


Faculty of education has three practical labs for Biology, Physics and Chemistry respectively. Students of respected departments conducting their practical experiments in these labs. Every lecturer conducting their practical classes according to the prepared schedule and their course policy.