Biography of Chancellor

Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahid Wasiq, son of Mohammad Ibrahim Khan, son of Abdul Ibrahim Khan, son of Abdul Nabi Khan Karwasi, Sardar Painda Mohammad Khan Koodi, of the tribe Muhammad Zayi, on the 4th of July, the 3rd of July. Born in a bright family of khak villages in Arghandab district of Kandahar province, according to the month of 7th. He completed his primary education at Khushal Khan Baba Elementary School in Arghandab district and later graduated from Kandahar City High School in the 5th year and graduated from Kabul Medical University in Kankor examination. After graduating from Medical College in the 5th year and having emigrated from the country due to unfavorable conditions, he returned to Immigration and was appointed as a lecturer at Kandahar University Medical College. Until recently he was the director of the Medical Faculty, the head of the King Khan Research Center, the order of the admissions department at the Faculty of Medicine, and the coordinator of the Master Health Program's program. He executed the adjective and was appointed as the President of Kandahar University on July 7, 2009.

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Emergency medical events (translated into 3 pages).
Digestive tract and kidney disease (Compilation on page 2).
National Health Education Guide (page 2)
Diseases of the heart and veins (text on page 2)
Tugadia and Hundred Nutrition (Telephone on page 2)
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Kidney Disease
Health Education and Environmental Health
Research findings:

Incidence of postpartum bronchitis in people with addiction to cells.
Bleeding rates, causes and complications of transfusion in Kandahar province.
High blood pressure events, and key complications in Kandahar province.
A study on the difference between the level of contraceptive use in urban health care centers and district health centers in Kandahar province.
Detection of measles outbreak in Kandahar city.
Determining the Cure for Tuberculosis Disease in Kandahar