WEE (Water and Environmental Engineering) department was established in 2012 at Engineering Faculty by Mr. Abdul Tawab Balakarzai the previous vice chancellor of Kandahar University and Assistant Professor at Engineering Faculty, Kandahar University. It was the first department in Afghan universities called Water and Environmental Engineering Department.The purpose of its establishment is to educate capable human resources in the field of water and environment to the country especially in the south western region. Having expert faculty members and enough academic facilities are the important assets for proper operation of WEE department. Since WEE department is the first one in kind and aims to become a leading institution in the field of water and environment in thecountry and region.WEE department is the second department in terms of establishment after civil department in engineering faculty.  The curriculum of this department was developed with the collaboration of Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand, considering the standards of Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET) .WEE department currently has nine faculty members, which eight of them have already obtained their master degrees from well-known international universities and one of them is pursuing his master studies.

Vision :

WEE department aims to become a leading higher education institution in the country and as well as in the region to educate capable human resources, conduct researches and perform services in the field of water and environment.


The mission of WEE department is to create such an educational environment for its faculty members, students and staffs. Academic facilities namely laboratories, research facilities, access to update reference and textbooks, collaboration with national and international relevant organizations and improvement of teaching system are the main parts of the mission .

Objectives :

Water and environmental engineering department aims to:

1 Educate professionals

2 Conduct researches

3 Offer public awareness and services


1 National and international standard quality

2 Respect Islamic and Afghan values

3 Islamic and human behavior and patriotism

4. Transparency and anti corruption

Water and Environment Teachers