Facility and Achievement of Engineering Faculty:

The engineering faculty, which has still been ten years old for you to invigorate, has been graduating from the country's 30 (30) provinces, which is 672 people. Our graduates and provocative students work and work in many reconstruction projects in Kandahar and across the country. And an active part of the country's reconstruction. In addition, academic and academic activities of the University of Engineering have also been given a lot of attention. His faculty of the Faculty has set up the curriculum of curriculum and articles of articles and librarians, the question-winning questions have been answered and many efforts have been made to assist with laboratory work on them, from time to time. Use it Proactive analysts have been very tired of using field labs to utilize maximum use of time. Proactive work is monitored and the programs that have been given by teachers are monitored. The classrooms are equipped with projectors, engineering is a professional laboratory and a computer compartment of the building. New and credible books have been brought from other libraries to the faculty library and have long been honored.