Sharia Faculty was founded at Kandahar University in 2009. During the first year, its strength of students was 70 in two different departments (Jurisprudence & Law and Islamic studies). In that time, it had three cadres and a few contract lecturers. From 2010 to 2012 after tolerating a lot of patience, it was able to find nine cadres and 11 contract lecturers, and the number of students reached to 277. In addition, it inaugurated the Islamic studies department of night shift in 2012 which admitted 73 students. Thus, the number of both shifts’ students reached to 350.

In 2013, it also opened exclusive Islamic studies department for girls which still keep working hard and sincerely.

The current statistic of Sharia Faculty’s lecturers, administrative staff and students is as below:

1- Academic cadres: 21, five of which are teaching assistants and the rest of them are junior teaching assistants.

2- Administrative staff: 8 members: one dean, one vice- dean, two administrators (executive and teaching) and four employees.


It aspires to educate expert judges, lawyers, preachers and religious scholars in order to lead the country’s justice and legal system in accordance to modern and developing standards of the time, and to achieve the justice for all in the country. Furthermore, they will strive to direct the people to brotherhood, mutual respect, and justice and combined relaxed life. They will also strive to make the people aware of the Islam and its values.


Sharia faculty considers the rehabilitation of the country and development of the society in the religious, academic, justice and legal fields its responsibility and mission.

Some of the Sharia Faculty mission’s essential points are as bellow:

It fosters active participation in the rehabilitation and development of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Presenting the experts and specialists in justice, jurisprudence, codification and missionary work to the society.

 Working hard as an active and strong religious source in the region.

Attracting big number of youth to the faculty from the region.

Combating against literacy and unemployment in the region.

Establishing ties and partnership with Islamic nations through close relationship with the international Islamic universities.

Contributing actively in restoring the international Islamic civilization on the behalf of our nation.​


Its major goal is to present the expert and knowledgeable religious scholars, judges, prosecutors, defense lawyer, lawyers, prayer leaders, preachers and teachers to the society in accordance to Islamic principles along with taking in consideration the Afghans’ sociology and international developments in order to be able to serve the country, religion and play central role in the solution of the current issues and problems. Finally, the graduates will help the Afghan nation with the awareness of vital Islam- related matters.