Kandahar University, in the year 2012 established another vital academic discipline (the faculty of Public Administration and policy) as a part of ministry of higher education & KDR University’s continuous & vigorous struggles for the improvement & access of formal education to the youth with the support of German Federal government.


To become one of the best and leading faculty in the country by developing good leaders, policy makers and professional managers who will lead the country for a better and brighter future.


Training and development of youth with the help of new technology and effective teaching methods, doing research and taking active part in the improvement of public services delivery.


  • Training and developing youth with leadership and managerial skills
  • Doing research for the resolution of society’s problems
  • Providing consultations to the government for good governance​

Core Values : 

  • Promoting responsiveness, transparency, responsibility and accountability
  • Cultivating integrity, Fairness and equality
  • Enhancing mutual respect, 
  • Developing internal open communication (vertical and horizontal)
  • Developing good relationships with both national and international institutions for the enrichment of PA faculty
  • Encouraging active participation of employees in decision making
  • Strictly following faculty’ strategic plan
  • Obeying Public Administration & Policy faculty’s rules and regulations
  • Adhering to the overall rules and regulations of KDR university and ministry of higher education