Department of physics is awarding B.Sc. since 2012 at the faculty of education. Currently it has 134 students which are being taught by 5 lecturers. In-service education facilities are also available for students who are graduated from teacher training institute and are permanent teacher at public schools.


 The department of physics is going to be a leading department of education in the country and region.


To prepare the opportunities for sharing and applying academic and professional knowledge in the field of physics according to Islamic ethics and loyalty to the country.


  • To train teachers in the field of physics in bachelor’s degree
  • To create innovative physics methods of teaching
  • To aware people about the nature
  • To help technically in constructive and development parts of the country.

Core Values:

  • To reinforce and re-form the logical analysis about the nature
  • To perform researches and invention in the field of physics
  • To prepare professional teaching materials in national languages.