Finance and Banking Department was established at the same time with the establishment of Faculty of Economics in 2010. The Department started its activity in framework of the University. Although the Faculty is new, it tries its best and is committed to offer standard educational services to the society and all citizens. The leadership of Faculty of Economics believes that the faculty is growing and getting into a more standard form. This Department has got four lecturers, a senior teaching assistant, a teaching assistant and two junior teaching assistants.

Vision :

The department aim to establish a firm knowledge in business banking & finance educate students with a good command on financial modeling and framework necessary in financial world.


Providing student with an environment that focuses on all dimensions of learning and understanding skills, disseminate knowledge on important financial issues through innovative learning experience that will enable students to succeed in variety of jobs in banking and other financial institutions.

Professional Subjects of Finance and Banking Department

  1. Principles of Public Finance
  2. Principles of Law
  3. Monetary Economics
  4. Economics Law
  5. Public Economics 1/2
  6. Public Budgeting Theory
  7. Public budgeting Policy
  8. Insurance
  9. Public Accounting
  10. Financial and Monetary Markets
  11. Financial and Monetary Policies
  12. Banking
  13. Financial Risk Management
  14. Public Debts

Biographies of Lectures of the Finance and Banking Department