Introduction of Engineering Faculty:

The Engineering Faculty was established in Kandahar University in 2000, and is having four departments i.e. Civil Engineering, Water and Environmental Engineering, Energy Engineering and Architectural. Educational Curriculum for the Engineering Departments has been established in close co-ordination with the world class standard universities as follows:The Civil Engineering’s educational curriculum is established in close co-ordination with Kabul and Kansas State Universities.The Water and Environmental Engineering department’s educational curriculum is established in close co-ordination with the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Thailand.Moreover, the Energy Engineering department has valued with financial support of USWDP, technical support of Texas A & M and KandaharUniversity. The Kandahar University EnergyEngineeringDept. set up the educational curriculum, provision of educational material and expect an equipped laboratory in the relevant field by the end of the year 2018.Ninety-five percent of books, instructional material and assignments are in English Language, and currently 27 female students alike 898 male students, in total 925 students have been studying in the particular departments run by 29 permanent teachers. And out of the specified number of teachers 90% are Master’s Degree Holders from highly reputed international universities; as well five teachers are pursuing their Doctoral degree.Up to now in the previous 15 batches, eight hundred ninety-three engineers are qualified and offered for the services in Civil Engineering, Water and Environmental Engineering, and Energy Engineering Dept.


Engineering faculty will be a leading institution in graduation of will-known engineers, conducting advance researches and services.


Engineering Faculty Strives to achieve its Mission by enhancing its lecturers’ capacity, applying standard curriculum, using its laboratory, library with coordination of other sectorial departments


  • Respecting to entire Islamic and Afghan rules and holy beings.
  • Respecting to Afghan Government and Constitution.
  • Respecting to humanity and avoiding every kind of harassment.
  • Committed to its responsibility and society.
  • Strong commitment to rebuild the country and avoid every kind of corruption

Academic Facilities:

  • Research Laboratory (Soil and Concrete)
  • Energy Engineering Laboratory
  • Water Engineering Laboratory
  • Library and research center
  • Access to Informational sources and internet
  • New Text Books
  • Study rooms equipped with new technology
  • Usage of Practical survey in a wide area (Practicing of survey in various fields)
  • Meteorological station/center