Faculty of Education has been established in 2003 initially with only Mathematics department after Agriculture, Medicine and Engineering faculties respectively. In terms of student’s population, Faculty of Education is the leading one at the university level and currently it has around 1800 students who are taught by 64 faculty members. It has also an evening shift where 510 students are taught in various departments. Beside that, the in-service education facilities are available for the graduates of Teacher Training Institute. In Faculty of Education, students are enrolled via national entrance exam (Kankor exam).


Bring strong reformed change of thoughts and improvement in the field of education.


To Train professional and skilled teachers for the afghan community and the establishment of a strong training and teaching system.


Training of well-educated and academic personalities who would be well known for their excellence on national and international skill and will be committed to the strengthen of Islamic and Afghan Culture.

Core values:

  • Respect and honor to national and Islamic values
  • Strong intention to the people’s intellectual and materialistic development
  • Respect to high status of human being and social life
  • Understanding of social responsibilities
  • Inspiring independent and high thinking
  • Developing and expanding our cultural traditions
  • Attention to the academic research and innovations
  • Professional and academic literacy
  • Team work and mutual cooperation
  • Letting future generation of the society feel the important responsibility of education.